What Is Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse (also called domestic violence) happens when one person hurts or bullies another person who is their partner or who is in the same family. Domestic abuse can also happen after a relationship has finished. Domestic abuse is a repeated pattern of behaviour. Grown-ups use domestic abuse to control other people. If someone in your family is abusive, remember it’s not your fault.

Usually (but not always) it is the man who is the abuser and the woman who gets hurt. It can be very frightening if this is happening in your family if you are seeing or hearing the abuse going on.  It can be upsetting to see someone you love being hurt, or harmed in other ways. It can be scary especially as the abuse can happen without warning and this might make you feel nervous or worried a lot. You might also be scared that you will get hurt.  Even if the person who is the abuser doesn’t live in your house anymore, you might worry that they will come to the house sometimes, or even come back for good. Sometimes your worries will be with you all of the time and effect how you are with friends or effect your work in school. Domestic abuse happens in many families and often this is something that all the family keep secret. Keeping a secret does not help stop the bad things happening. There are people that can help you and your family. Everyone has the right to be and feel safe.

If you would like to know more visit the Hideout  - http://thehideout.org.uk/


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