Police Scotland 'That Guy' Campaign

Submitted by sophie.gwyther on Fri, 10/15/2021 - 12:12
Image of a man

THATGUY is a new Police Scotland rape and sexual crime prevention campaign.


We want to reduce rape, serious sexual assault and harassment by having frank conversations with men about male sexual entitlement.

We want women to feel safer. We want women to be free to live their lives without having to worry about what men say or do.

The campaign will engage with men aged 18-35 on social media and online, using a range of content in formats that the target audience will be familiar with.

You can expect to see support for the campaign from young male social media influencers who will use their own channels to share content and their views on why men need to do more when it comes to challenging male sexual entitlement.

Please see the dedicated website for more information.